Volerian, an efficient company specialising in VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, have decided to branch out of their unique and innovative aircraft designs to incorporate their technology into a quiet and incredibly efficient room fan.

The Volerian fan

Volerian’s fan combines their pioneering flapping wind technology to create a ‘whole new way of moving air’. This flapping wind technology was originally designed to advance VTOL aircraft. This technology takes inspiration from nature around us. If we look at nature, we can see that the flapping win and the fin are the two most common methods of movement. Valerian has taken inspiration from nature to successfully create flapping wind technology, which they have implemented to create a revolutionary room fan that is efficient, quiet and powerful.

Even better, the Volerian fan is incredibly safe, as contact with the flapping wings is harmless. This means the fan is perfectly safe for homes with young children and pets. It is also eco-friendly and clean.

The Volerian technology

The Volerian team have designed this revolutionary propulsion system to improve and develop the way in which VTOL works. Their flapping wind technology makes it easy for aircrafts such as drones to lift, fly and land with ease. Volerian is also aiming to implement their technology into a vehicle that can fly off the surface of the water to act as an alternative to sea-going ferries.

Although this technology has the opportunity to make great changes within the VTOL industry, Valerian has decided to begin the funding process for their water vehicle by seeking investment on IndieGoGo for their Volerian room fan.

If you are interested in purchasing a Volerian room fan to help them fund the further development of their technology, you will need to pledge £240 to receive a Volerian fan, which is expected to retail at £320.

source: volerian.com

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