It can be almost impossible to set yourself apart in the world of DIY and multitools. After all, the vast majority of options on the market do mostly the same jobs, and there is very little that sets any one piece of equipment apart. However, Tennessee’s Big Idea Design has achieved this with the Bit Bar Inline.

What is the Bit Bar Inline?

This incredibly compact multi-tool offers users a Phillips head, a Torx bit and a slotted bit all within an incredibly small package. Rather than relying on three different tools to get the job done, you can simply focus on making sure you have this one very simple piece in your pocket, and you’ll be ready for any challenges a job can throw at you.

Another great benefit of the Bit Bar Inline is the 1/4-in hex bit. Rather than making it incredibly difficult to use with a proprietary bit, Big Idea Design has made the tool much more useful for customers. The tool is very easy to customise, and the greater level of compatibility with existing components means that you can rely on this specific everyday carry (EDC) tool to get you through any DIY situation.

When will it be available?

The tool also offers an excellent level of support, with a lifetime service warranty included in the current entry-level pledge on Kickstarter, so you know that you’ll be able to rely on this tool for years to come. The Bit Bar Inline has shattered all of its expected targets, and having reached its funding goal, is looking to start shipping to thousands of excited backers in September.

If you’re looking for a DIY product that you can truly rely on for years to come, the Bit Bar Inline’s sturdy design and lifetime warranty are a real bonus. This sleek design is the way to go for any modern multitool.


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