Climate change is something that is increasingly key to tackle and this has seen all business sectors take on the challenge. Companies involved with last-mile deliveries in particular are under pressure to find greener transport for staff than gas-powered mopeds. Sydney-based Zoomo think they have the answer with their Zoomo One utility e-bike. This product is set to be launched in the USA and is specifically designed for use by last-mile delivery operations in the food/grocery niches.


Is Zoomo One the end for petrol delivery mopeds?

As ordering food and drink online becomes more popular, this means more delivery drivers are racing around to bring us this food. Zoomo hopes that their Zoomo One utility e-bike will help combat the impact this has on the environment – while still enabling us to have tasty treats delivered to our homes. If more and more companies start to use the Zoomo One, it could spell the end for high-polluting petrol mopeds

It certainly has all the features and tech you would want in a top-class e-bike. To begin with, it can carry up to 128 lbs of cargo and comes with a variety of options for delivery boxes. This product also comes with GPS tracking and remote monitoring tech – plus full mobile connectivity. When you add in the option for fleet managers to set the e-bike to Class 2 (motor assist up to 20 mph) or Class 3 (assisted motor up to 28 mph), it gets even better.


What else does the Zoomo One pack in?

This stunning e-bike also comes with a removable battery. This starts at a handy 1 kWh unit that fits easily into the bike’s downtube. For total convenience, it is expected that a single charge will last a complete working day. In addition, there is a rear spring shock absorber and suspension on the front fork to smooth out the ride. This e-bike also has full fenders and all-weather tyres on 24-inch alloys to enjoy. A cool LED light strip on the rear and a robust front light keep riders safe after dark, while the hydraulic disc brakes give great stopping power.

Zoomo One ready for US launch

It is thought that this new e-bike will be released for sale in the US sometime in the first part of 2022 and retail at $4,000 USD. It will also come with custom options for fleet managers to choose from.


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