A year and a half ago, Microsoft shared an image of a Series X-branded fridge as part of a social media marketing campaign. People understandably got excited, more so when a full-sized version was made for Snoop Dogg, and subsequently, a mini-fridge was made as part of a marketing campaign with Dwayne Johnson.

The Xbox team consulted with their social media followers and eventually decided that the Xbox Series X mini-fridge would become a reality. In June this year, they unveiled its design for the first time, and now Microsoft has announced when and where it will be sold, and how much for.

Xbox Series X mini-fridge: the specs

Designed to resemble an Xbox Series X, the mini-fridge can fit 12 cans of your favourite drink, and also has shelves in the door to store snacks. A USB port in the front of the fridge allows people to charge devices such as Xbox controllers or mobile phones, and the DC adapter means that the mini-fridge can also be used on the go.

image: news.xbox.com

When and where can I buy an Xbox Series X mini-fridge?

Pre-sale of the Xbox Series X mini-fridge will start on October 19th, and it will be stocked in selected retailers across the globe in December, just in time for Christmas! In the US, the mini-fridge will exclusively be sold at Target, in-store and online, for $99.00. In Canada, you’ll be able to purchase from the Xbox Gear Shop, while in the UK, it will be sold exclusively at GAME for £89.00.

In Ireland, Germany, France and Italy, fans can purchase the fridge from Game Stop EU for €99.00, while in Italy, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and France, it will be available from Tonyk for €99.00. French buyers can also buy the mini-fridge for the same price at Micromania.

Microsoft is promising that they will roll out more sales locations across 2022, so keep your eyes peeled!

Source: news.xbox.com

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