British winters can leave your canine pal reluctant to join you on even the shortest of walks – especially if your dog is a breed that’s prone to feeling the cold. Elderly dogs and pooches with long term medical conditions that bring muscle stiffness also aren’t fans of the coolest of seasons.

Have you ever wished you could protect them with a waterproof vest that’s also heated?

Well, it is here. A 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest!

The latest in practical dog protection

This ingenious invention is a brilliant way to keep your dog warm and dry at the touch of a button. It even has different settings – low, medium and high – to keep your four-legged friend comfortable in snow, ice, strong winds or just a faint chill in the air.

It’s also easy to use, and very safe.

The slim battery can be recharged after use with the cable provided. However, it holds power for around six hours. Plenty of time for some enjoyable ‘walkies’ and adventures.

It can charge your phone and carry poo bags!

Here’s another advantage to buying this waterproof heated dog jacket. You can use it to charge your phone while out and about. That’s because it has a USB port in the battery compartment.

The heated dog vest is also designed with handy pockets to hold poo bags, treats and other small items to leave you hands-free on cold days.

What happens when your rechargeable heated dog vest gets dirty? You simply remove the battery pack and pop it the washing machine.

Size of heated dog jacket

This smart and super-clever dog vest with a built-in heater measures 16″ (40cm) in length and has a circumference of between 22″ (55 cm) and 26″ (66 cm). It would be a tight fit for larger breeds, but it’s ideal for whippets, greyhounds, terriers, pugs, dachshunds, and other small or slim dogs.

Buy one today so you and your best friend can go further, longer, and be happy, warm and dry on dog walks all winter.


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