The next generation of the Sony LSPX Glass sound speaker range has arrived. Featuring the elegant glass lantern aesthetic the LSPX range is known for, the Sony LSPX-S3 Glass sound speaker is designed to complement any interior environment.


Style and substance combined

By utilising Bluetooth with LDAC technology, the speaker emits crystal clear sound. Conceived to create a ‘cosy’ atmosphere with an inbuilt flickering candlelight effect, this speaker can provide a subtle soundtrack for dining, entertaining, or relaxing at home.

The LSPX-S3 works with USB charging and comes with Advanced Vertical Drive Technology, which creates vibrations that allow the glass tweeter to disseminate sound across every direction in the room.

One of the unique features of the LSPX-S3 is the candlelight setting. This includes a touch sensor with four lighting options and 32 levels of brightness to illuminate the Glass sound speaker with a subtle candle-like flicker to suit the mood.

Additional features include an option to sync the candlelight effect to the beat of the music, a sleep timer, and an integrated microphone for those interested in taking social or business calls from the vicinity of the speaker.


Connect multiple speakers and raise the bass

The LSPX-S3 has a 46mm speaker unit, which produces high-end tones with impressive clarity. It is also possible to connect Glass sound speakers to function as a stereo pair.

For those interested in the ability of the Glass sound speaker to generate low-end bass sounds, Sony have included a “Bass Boost mode”, which is available via an app on the Sony | Music Center.

With a battery that provides eight hours of sound, a ‘mineral silver’ colour for the base, a sleek metal finish, and a minimalist design with easy portability, the LSPX-S3 is an expertly designed speaker for the home.


The LSPX-S3 was launched in August 2021, priced at approx. €350.


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