Yeah, you read that right the first time – Ring’s latest security camera is a drone that can fly around your home. Dubbed the ‘Always Home Cam’, the vision was to create a security system that can cover your whole home without the need for multiple cameras.

The Always Home Cam will fly a path around your home that you program it to take, and once it’s done flying it will return to its docking station to charge its battery. One great feature is that the drone can be programmed to fly to where a disturbance is detected (as long as you have the Ring Alarm system set up as well) so you can check it out on 1080p video, in real-time.

Another great element to the Always Home Cam is you can manually command it to fly anywhere in your home. This is particularly useful if you want to check whether you left anything on, like the stove, or to check that the doors are definitely locked. When flying autonomously, the drone is programmed with obstacle avoidance technology, so it won’t hit anything. However, in the event that it does collide with an obstacle or a person, you can rest assured that it’s safe because it has enclosed propellers to prevent any damage.

The Always Home Cam only records when it’s in flight, as the charging station blocks its view. So, due to the noise it makes when it’s flying, it’s obvious when the drone is recording, which is a good thing if you’re concerned about anyone being recorded without consent.

To say this is an ambitious piece of kit would be an understatement, but we’re thoroughly impressed with the idea and are keen to see how it will work in practice. The Always Home Cam is due to come out next year and is expected to cost $249.99. Are flying cameras the future of home security?


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