While electric toothbrushes have been embraced by the entire world, smart toothbrushes have never really caught on. Despite promises of personalised brushing regimes and cleaner teeth, few consumers have made the jump. One of the big sticking points has always been the price, with smart toothbrushes often costing well over £100. When you can pick up a decent electric toothbrush for less than £30, that is a lot to ask.

But this could be about to change with the release of the Colgate Hum. With a starting price of just $49 (£37) for the battery-powered version, or $69 (£52) for the rechargeable model, is this the affordable smart toothbrush we’ve been waiting for?

What are the features of the Colgate Hum?

In many ways, the Hum is very similar to Colgate’s previous smart toothbrush, the Connect E1. Both models are packed with sensors designed to optimise brushing. There is a built-in gyroscope to pinpoint the exact position of the brush in your mouth, and an accelerometer to measure brushing speed. These sensors work together to gauge the effectiveness of your brushing habits and suggest improvements to your regime. The brush can be synced with your phone, and even offers redeemable reward points for successful brushing.

Looks-wise, the Hum doesn’t disappoint. With a choice of three attractive colours and a stylish lightweight design, this is definitely one of the better-looking toothbrushes on the market.

Is it really any better than an electric toothbrush?

Although research shows that optimal brushing can be achieved with a standard electric toothbrush, the Hum’s app offers real benefits when it comes to oral hygiene. The app will first instruct you to brush as you normally would, and will then flag up areas that need improvement. The “Guided Brushing” feature will even offer real-time instructions for improving your technique, telling you to reposition the brush as necessary.


Although the price may still be a little high for some, the Hum is definitely a huge step in the right direction. By helping users to improve their brushing technique, it offers serious advantages over a standard electric toothbrush.

source: engadget.com

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