As a top tech company, Sony is well-known for producing high-end cameras. This makes the planned launch of their new Alpha 7 IV camera exciting for photographers everywhere. As an addition to the company’s already impressive imaging range, the Alpha 7 IV hits the mark with its new 33-megapixel full-frame image sensor.

Sony Alpha 7 IV packed full of features

Building on the foundations laid by the Alpha 7 III, this new camera takes it to the next level. Able to produce excellent quality images and deliver outstanding performance, it redefines what a full-frame camera can do. But what tech does this camera have inside?

To begin with, there is Sony’s innovative BIONZ XR processing engine and superior autofocus capabilities. These are modelled after the Alpha 1 camera and help to produce top class images. In addition, this camera also has streamlined usability and superb reliability. Whether it is used for taking photos or shooting movies, it is the ideal all-around camera suitable for photographers of all abilities.


Top class photos and movies

Armed with a 33 MP resolution back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R™ CMOS image sensor, the model also captures film with 4K 60p recording via its Super 35mm setting, or up to 30p 4K recording plus 7K oversampling via its full-frame setting. Sony has also included tech that supports the growing need for remote communication when shooting images.

Sustainable way to capture images

More and more people care about the impact they have on the planet and factor this into their buying choices. Sony has responded to this by constructing the camera from SORPLAS recycled plastic, and by using recycled materials/reduced plastic in the camera’s packaging.

Durable and lightweight

The Sony Alpha 7 IV has a magnesium alloy construction, which makes it very durable and lightweight. With a lens lock button that gives better dust/moisture resistance, it is a great camera for image capture in all settings.

Sony Alpha 7 IV setting new standards

This new model from Sony looks likely to set new standards for what full-frame cameras can do. Available from December 2021 from Sony certified dealers, it is expected to cost around €2,800 for the camera body only and €3,000 for the lens kit.


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