Sony is a company always innovating and releasing cool new tech products. It comes as no surprise then to hear of their latest flagship offering – the 7.1.2 channel HT-A7000 Soundbar. Delivering amazing virtual surround sound, it looks to be the ideal system for playing games, listening to music or watching TV. Tagged as allowing users to immerse themselves in absolute realism, it uses the most cutting-edge aural tech from Sony to work.

Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar features

As a high-end speaker system, the HT-A7000 packs a lot in. There are for example 7.1.2 channels to play with and a couple of up-firing speakers for crisp overhead sound reproduction. To help give the immersive experience it promises, there are also a couple of beam tweeters and 5 speakers at the front. If you like deep bass, then Sony has also included a dual subwoofer.

All these speakers are arranged in a rectangle and as part of an X-balanced unit. This enables powerful bass and increased aural clarity. When all this is combined with S-Force PRO front surround and vertical surround engine tech, the sound really does seem to come at you from all angles.


Stay entertained in multiple ways with the HT-A7000 Soundbar

The HT-A7000 is perfect to relax with in a number of ways. 360 reality audio tech for example brings music to life via stunning studio sessions or live concert experiences. This option can be used via popular apps like Deezer or Amazon Music HD. If you prefer, you can just listen to music with the Soundbar’s high-res audio for beautiful results. Music fans will love the ability to access top apps like Spotify and stream tracks wirelessly from their smartphone.

The HT-A7000 also turns enjoying movies or playing video games into a thrilling ride. Picture quality is preserved when using the HT-A7000 for either activity. This gives great depth and colour for impressive picture quality. The HT-A7000 also supports formats such as 8K HDR and Dolby Vision.

Plenty of other features packed into the HT-A7000

This new Soundbar from Sony really does come with a lot of features to enjoy. There is, for example, the choice to add an optional, wireless subwoofer to give even better bass reproduction. Sound Field Optimisation technology is intelligent enough to give perfect sound, wherever your speakers are placed. This saves hours of wasted time in having to find the ideal spot for speakers.


Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar overview

Ready to go out of the box, this new Sony product connects to your TV through the HDMI input. It will be launched in September 2021 and priced around the €1,300 mark. Although this is fairly expensive, the sound delivered and the features included make it a tempting prospect.


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