One of the best-known brands in audio tech is Sonos. Famous for the superior clarity and sound their range offers, the company’s soundbars can also come with price tags to match. This makes news of a $249.00 budget Sonos soundbar set for launch in summer 2022 a big deal for many people.

New Sonos ‘Fury’ soundbar set to shine

It has been reported that this new soundbar is codenamed ‘Fury’ and will sit at the lower end of the company’s product line. Leaked details of the new device describe it as being smaller than the Sonos Beam (Gen 2) and having speakers which measure 550m wide by 69mm deep and 100mm tall. It is also thought that it will not come with features such as Dolby Atmos, HDMI ports or an in-built mic. The lack of HDMI ports will therefore make this new product reliant on digital inputs, like the previous Sonos Playbar.

Budget Sonos soundbar set to fill a gap

As noted above, the Sonos range is mainly made up of high-end or mid-range speakers. This has left a gap at the bottom end of the range, which this new soundbar is set to fill. With the top of the line Arc costing $799, you can see why the company have felt the need to do this and broaden its target audience. While the budget ‘Fury’ speaker will not have all the same features as its more expensive brothers, it will still pack a punch and enable those on a budget to get their piece of the action.

Budget ‘Fury’ speaker set for June 2022 launch

Slated for launch on 7th June 2022, this budget soundbar from Sonos is expected to cost just $249.00. As well as being an easy to use and powerful speaker in its own right, there are also reports it can be used as a surround speaker as part of an Arc system too.


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