Sonos has always been a key player in the world of audio technology, and their SYMFONISK Gen 2 speaker is a great step forwards in offering customers incredible audio technology at a remarkably promising price point. Let’s learn what exactly Sonos offers you and the wider market with their remote speakers.


Sonos is a proud company with a background in creating patents that the rest of the market simply can’t keep up with. Outpacing tech giant Google to patents in wireless speaker connectivity, the company’s drive for astounding R&D is borderline relentless at the best of times, leading some customers to believe that this expense is transferred to them. However, this is far from the case, with Sonos speakers only narrowly exceeding the price of their closest competitors.



Another thing Sonos is widely renowned for is the incredible range of designs available. Simplicity is key in the modern marketplace, and the sleek shapes of Sonos speakers soothe the viewer, blending into any background almost perfectly. The interface on the SYMFONISK Gen 2 speaker is incredibly simple, with only three buttons on the front, which also makes it easy to use.


Internal features

Although the outside of Sonos’ Gen 2 speakers are similar in design to the original generation, the newest version takes a powerful leap forwards on the inside. Combining brand new software drivers with a much faster processor and speaker quality, Sonos’ SYMFONISK speakers provide a clear step up.

Sonos’ second-generation SYMFONISK speaker is on sale in IKEA stores across Europe now, with a worldwide rollout coming in the next few months. The sound of Sonos is soon to spread globally, and we, for one, can’t wait!


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