Top furniture company Ikea have partnered with audio giants Sonos to add a new product to their Symfonisk range. This range has proved very popular since first debuting in 2019 with a streaming speaker and speaker/table lamp combo. The latest collaboration between the two companies has seen them blend a Wi-Fi speaker with a picture frame.

Keen internet users will have enjoyed a sneak preview of this recently when Ikea published a listing for the Symfonisk picture frame speaker earlier in the month. Although it was quickly taken down, the product has now been officially launched.


Art and sound combine with new Symfonisk speaker

Speaking about the new product, Stjepan Begic from Ikea noted that the picture frame speaker is able to hang on a wall by itself to create an artistic focal point in any room. He also commented that it is able to match with other pieces of art on a wall, sit happily on a shelf, brighten up any floor or lean against a wall. This new product also comes with easily changed fronts designed by top artist Jennifer Idrizi. Due to this, it is simple to select a style for it which blends with your existing decor.


Pain-free installation and sharp sound

Measuring 56cm x 40cm x 5cm, this visual and audio innovation has self-levelling bracket tech included for easy installation. The fuss-free approach also means it can be hung either horizontally or vertically on a wall. As noted above, it is also able to be placed on a floor – this is down to the sturdy silicone foot it comes with. A robust ABS base combines with a tough polyester front for stylish results. Available in either black or white, there is also a 1-inch tweeter and 4-inch woofer included for awesome sounding results.


Room-filling audio performance

If you are looking for a streaming picture frame that gives fabulous audio performance, this collaboration between Sonos and Ikea is an exciting development. It connects to any home Wi-Fi network and can be used either in isolation or with other products in the Sonos range. It is also possible to use it with other products in the Symfonisk range. The handy Sonos app controls the streamed content, with Spotify and Airplay 2 supported. Although no specifications for the audio capability have been released yet, it promises to sound amazing.


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