SoftTop is the newest and trendiest way to get around and keep yourself protected from the elements. If you’re a regular commuter, this will change the way you cycle forever. SoftTop has been brought to the market by German manufacturer RainRider and is one of the latest inventions designed to keep commuters dry when riding in difficult conditions.


How does it work?

As for what makes it so effective, the SoftTop is made of coated polyester fabric and transparent UV-resistant polyurethane. In terms of mechanics, the SoftTop attaches to your bicycle via a quick-release mount on the handlebars, with two hooks on either leg of the fork for the ultimate stability. Similar to a tent, the SoftTop maintains its flexibility using a set of aluminium and carbon fibre rods. You won’t need to worry about the screen fogging up either, that’s what the mesh side panels are for!

When riding your bicycle, the SoftTop will protect you from all directions, including from above, the front and the sides! This makes it effective no matter which direction the rain is falling.


How to use it

When making a brief stop, to prevent the SoftTop from blowing around, all the rider has to do is fold the top half of the screen down and back. To secure it, simply hook it onto the bicycle’s rack. The SoftTop is also a great way to keep a parked bicycle dry. If you want to remove the SoftTop completely, perhaps when on a longer stop, simply release the mount, fold it up and put it in a shoulder bag to keep it clean.


According to the manufacturer, the SoftTop weighs 1.5kg (3.3lb) and is 215cm tall by 40cm wide. It’s now available for €129.95 on the company website.


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