Home automation expert ecobee has added all-new features to its state-of-the-art SmartCamera equipping households with an exceptionally efficient baby monitor. In the following sections, we’ll explore just some of the innovative elements that this new solution offers parents who want to keep a constant eye on their baby’s wellbeing.

Observing safety around the clock

Once ecobee’s “Baby Monitor Mode” is activated on set-up, parents can ensure their baby is always safe and comfortable, at any hour. The device sends high-definition footage directly to smartphones with 1080p clarity and additional zoom when required offering a 180-degree view. To ensure babies are never woken by a bright light, the cutting-edge camera is also equipped with night vision, providing a seamless service. The monitor also boasts powerful motion detection capabilities allowing parents to detect minute movements with ease.

Exceptional audio output

Continuous audio ensures wherever parents are, the sound of their baby is always crystal clear. Designed to be selective, the enhanced audio options make sure less white noise is heard, often experienced with conventional monitors, making babies’ sounds clearer.

With two-way communication, parents can also soothe baby’s while you work whether they’re outside tending the garden, in home offices or down in the basement ticking some chores off their to-do lists.

Privacy and protection

The smart baby monitor also provides premium security measures for total protection. Multi-factor authentication and built-in on-device processing ensure that footage of your baby is already safeguarded before ever being uploaded to the cloud. This allows parents to share baby videos safely whenever they want to, only with those they choose.

Packed with features, there’s no doubt this new solution from ecobee can provide parents with complete peace of mind while allowing them to record memories to share with friends and family safely. The SmartCamera is also fully compatible with both Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

source: ecobee.com

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