Phone manufacturers are eager to capitalise on the concept of foldable devices, assuming that they’ll be the next big development in the market – and Samsung has been putting out some of the most high-profile examples. On August 5th of this year, Samsung will release the Galaxy Z Fold 2 – the follow up to the 2019 Fold – people are eager to see what this incarnation is going to feature.

Feedback for the original Fold was generally positive but with some fairly pressing concerns. The Fold was a powerful and very capable device, and the folding mechanism itself was a smooth and effective implementation of the idea. However, despite being ambitious and powerful, people were less convinced that the phone was designed to last. For a start, the need to fold the phone meant that the screen was plastic rather than glass – which made it much less durable. The mechanism itself was also somewhat vulnerable, both to physical knocks and to damage caused by items with magnets inside them. People were also underwhelmed by the outer screen, finding it to be insufficient for frequent use.

Based on what we know about the Fold 2 so far, it’s clear that Samsung has tried to rectify some of these problems. For a start, the screen will have a covering of ultra thin glass to make it more durable – although it remains to be seen how effective this will be. The outside display is also getting a major makeover, being beefed up from 4.6 inches to 6.23 – making it much more suited for consistent use throughout the day. Hopefully, these improvements will help move the phone past one of the biggest criticisms levied at the original – that it was more of a status symbol than something you could actually use in everyday life.

The impressive performance is something that will remain the same in the Fold 2. It’s set to contain a Snapdragon 865+ processor, ensuring the ability to handle intense tasks along with a smooth display. It’s also got plenty of storage, at either 256 or 512GB, and is 5G only. All of this, added to no less than 4 cameras, means the Fold 2 should be capable of taking care of whatever tasks you have for it. Ultimately, the Fold 2 is an exciting chance to see if Samsung can move past a gimmick and get closer to a truly polished and functional folding phone experience.


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