Samsung has always been about more than just phones, and this week it proved that it can hold its own in the white goods market. The company has unveiled two new home appliances- a washing machine and a fridge freezer- both packed with innovations for maximum convenience and optimal energy efficiency.

First up is the WW9800T washing machine. The headline feature of this appliance is the speed of its wash cycle. Using Samsung’s cutting edge QuickDrive technology, the WW9800T can perform a full wash cycle in just 39 minutes. The washing process is aided by an independently rotating drum and backplate which allows for a greater range of motion and more thorough cleaning. The machine also features Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor which uses powerful magnets to improve performance while reducing noise.

The WW9800T is also designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. The machine employs Samsung’s ecobubble system which transforms detergent into soft bubbles. This increases the effectiveness of colder washes by allowing detergent to penetrate clothes without the need for hot water. As well as helping the environment, colder washes also prolong the lifespan of your clothes, so this is really a win-win.

Alongside the WW9800T, Samsung announced its new RB3700 fridge freezer. Designed to maximise fridge space without taking up kitchen space, the RB300 uses Samsung’s SpaceMax technology to allow for much thinner interior walls. This means that the RB3700 can offer more space (386L to be exact) than other fridges of the same 600mm depth.

The RB3700 is also designed to keep food fresh for longer. The fridge can be split into two zones of different temperatures, allowing meat and fish to be kept cooler than fruit and vegetables.

Like the WW9800T, the RB3700 is highly energy-efficient. The advanced compressor will adjust its speed depending on the level of cooling required, meaning that less energy is wasted and noise is reduced.

Both products are the perfect addition to a modern, environmentally-conscious lifestyle, as Samsung Vice President Hyesoon Yang explains:

“Our new product ranges offer solutions that help consumers lead customised eco-friendly lifestyles and we will continue to direct our efforts toward creating products that enrich daily lives.”


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