Mention Segway and most people will think of balancing scooters. However, this is not all this tech giant produces. Their latest gadget, the Navimow, is Segway’s first robotic lawnmower and comes with the USP of being simple to set up with no perimeter wire needed.


No perimeter wire

Most robot lawnmowers will use a perimeter wire buried a few inches below the lawn to keep the machine on track. While this is perfectly fine, it is time-consuming to fit and installing it could even damage your lawn. Segway has solved this issue by including virtual geofencing tech in their new Navimow. This makes use of onboard sensors and GPS to keep the mower heading in the right direction.


The Segway app makes it simple to use

Once the layout of your lawn has been learnt by the mower, various zones for mowing can be set up in the companion app. This not only tells the mower where to cut the grass but also which areas to miss out on. Once this has been done, the Navimow will automatically figure out the most efficient route to take. To make it even more intelligent, the tech inside allows the machine to learn over time and make its route more efficient. If it spots areas on your lawn where the grass grows quicker, it will even prioritise these patches with more regular mowing.

Anti-collision tech

As with any device that will be operating automatically, the ability to avoid crashes is key. Segway has included anti-collision sensors in the Navimow to achieve this. There is also a BladeStop system that stops the blades from working if an animal or human comes close. Security is also important for machines like this which could be a target for thieves. Segway has included real-time location reporting functionality and push notifications to ensure you always know where your robot mower is.


Quality design

With 50mm wheels made from rubber, a 10,200 mAh battery for gardens up to 3,000 metres squared and an ability to handle slopes of up to 45 degrees, this is a robot mower to take notice of. The robust design also includes IPX6 water-resistance tech and a motor which is pretty quiet, at just 58 dB. Coming in four different versions (the H500E, H800E, H1500E and H300E) which offer various features and price points, the Navimow looks set to take the world of robotic lawnmowing by storm.


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