Panasonic have been trailblazing through the high-brow television market over the years, with their celebrated OLED range selling numerous units due to their incredible HD displays, professional standard sound and sleek designs.

The Japanese company have now announced a new addition to the 2020 OLED family, the Panasonic HZ980, available in both 65″ and 55″ screen sizes. As with previous OLED models, the HZ980 offers Dolby Vision IQ®, Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, Dolby Vision®, Dolby Atmos®, and HDR10+ support, as well as a host of other tantalising features.

Vivid display

It is the HZ980’s vivid OLED display that is its crowning feature, a 65″ or 55″ screen that has individually illuminated pixels, negating the need for a backlight. This results in sublime picture contrast, as well as much greater depth. The new 2020 model also contains a HCX* Pro Intelligent Processor, ensuring that the screen is individually tuned for each kind of picture on display.

Panasonic have worked closely with Stefan Sonnenfeld, a pioneering figure in colour tuning, to make sure that the TV faithfully reproduces what filmmakers intended with their works. As Paul Darch from Panasonic Marketing Europe comments:

“Stefan Sonnenfeld is a trusted collaborator of some of the world’s best filmmakers and has applied his skills as a colourist to many of the most acclaimed and popular features of the past decade such as A Star is Born, Wonder Woman, Man of Steel, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jurassic World and many more.”

Crystal clear sound

It isn’t just the display that makes for a great television, and Panasonic know this through and through. For the new HZ980 series they have utilised the incredible Dolby Atmos audio system, something that is used in all of the world’s leading cinemas.

Not only is the inbuilt sound, using Cinema Surround Pro, crystal clear, but thanks to the inclusion of Dolby Atmos it is also deeply immersive, with special FX being placed in different sections of the virtual audio field.

Smart TV features

The Panasonic HZ980 is loaded with smart TV features, with new Panasonic My Home Screen 5.0 technology making on-screen navigation effortless.

The Panasonic HZ980 will be available to purchase from July, with prices starting at £1699.99.


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