Anyone who plays video games regularly knows how important stereo headsets are. They not only enable you to enjoy games without disturbing other people but also give stunning sound to savour. If you play on Xbox, the fresh wired stereo headset that has recently been unveiled may catch your eye. Slated for a 21st September 2021 release, it is set to offer a truly immersive gaming experience at any volume you like!

Premium audio performance

Keen gamers will note that this new stereo headset is actually a refreshed version of the wireless version which launched earlier in the year. With a revised £54.99 price tag though, this model is more affordable. But how does it perform? The signs are promising, with spatial surround tech (such as Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos) providing deep bass and clear highs. The sound is also pleasingly loud and this makes for truly immersive gaming experiences.

Comfort and convenience

This fresh Xbox stereo headset is also pretty simple to use and very comfortable. It connects to your controller via a cool green 3.5mm cable and plug. This is not only quick to do but means you can use it with other controllers/devices which are compatible with the plug.

The lightweight design means it is comfy enough for long gaming sessions, while the mute button on the included mic is easy to reach. Adjusting the volume is also very simple and can be done by twisting the right ear cup. The ergonomic design and universal fit also make these stereo headphones ideal for all to use. When you also add in the super-soft earcups and the ability to hide the mic away when not needed, there is a lot packed in.


Xbox stereo headset set for Sept 2021 release

As noted above, this new headset is set for a 21st September 2021 launch. At £54.99, you get a lot of features for your money and gamers will love the crisp sound they deliver. Compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox One and Xbox Series S, they even work with Windows 10 PCs that have a 3.5mm jack port!


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