Since first being released in the 1990’s, Tamagotchi digital pets have been a big hit. They actually have their 25th anniversary coming up and this has seen the product reinvented as a colourful smartwatch. Called the Tamagotchi Smart, it puts the cute creature into the watch and enables you to carry it around at all times.


This means it is always with you and you are always on hand to carry out the various chores required to look after the digital pet. Reports indicate that there is also a touchscreen included for petting your cute friend, voice recognition tech to chat to it and a fun pedometer. As it is a watch, it will also tell you what the time is as well.

Tamagotchi set to continue its success

Since its launch, Tamagotchi has branched out into anime, video games and movies. The new Tamagotchi Smart is pretty similar to the original toy but brings 25 years of tech evolution to the table. Good examples of this are a colour screen, a 30-hour battery life and wireless tech for connecting to other Tamagotchis.


New Tamagotchi smartwatch available via lottery at first

Industry reports suggest that this new smartwatch from Bandai will be sold via lottery in Japan to begin with. After this initial period though, it is fully expected to be on general sale for 7,480 Yen (about $68) from 23rd November 2021. A cool feature from manufacturers Bandai sees extra content unlocked when users place small physical keys into the device. These keys will be sold separately for around $10 (1,100 Yen). All these details relate to the initial Japanese launch – no details have been given yet for the Tamagotchi Smart to be launched in other parts of the world.


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