A new cradle packed with innovative features to soothe and keep your baby sleeping safely has been released by Cradlewise. A necessary requirement for any parent looking to get a quality night’s rest themselves.

Protective measures on board

The smart cradle has been equipped with dedicated devices designed to offer parents complete peace of mind that their baby is secure when sleeping. The smart cradle has a built-in baby monitor that allows busy parents to stay informed whether they’re at home or on the move and includes hands free audio monitoring for added ease. There’s also a dedicated night vision camera on board so babies can be seen without switching on lights and disturbing them.

A flexible and long-lasting sleeping solution

Unlike many baby beds, this smart cradle was designed for many months of use. After babies outgrow their bassinet after 6 months this solution becomes a crib for the next 18 months providing a year’s worth of use.

Advanced technology

The smart cradle can also detect a baby’s movements and sounds and responds by bouncing them with soothing music. It does this while they are in a quiet phase rather than waking up, making it easier to send them back to sleep. The bouncing mechanism is incredibly quiet, ensuring both baby and parents’ sleep is never disrupted, and it is designed to stop automatically when it senses the baby has fallen asleep.

Made with sustainably sourced materials

Finally, the materials used to make the smart cradle have been considerately selected. The soft mattress inside has been crafted from entirely non-toxic and organic coconut coir along with natural latex.

To sum up, if you’re looking for an option that combines the latest technology with a design inspired by insight into the sleeping needs of both parents and their babies, then the Cradlewise may be an option worth considering.

source: cradlewise.com

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