Dubai-based bike manufacturer Nireeka first came to everyone’s attention with the Home in 2018. If you loved this machine, then recent news from the company will delight you. Nireeka have revealed details of two new enduro ebikes which really up the ante. Called the Sierra and Nyx, both bikes are full-suspension models for serious off-road riding.

Sierra and Nyx enduro ebikes set to impress

Following the positive reaction to their previous bikes, Nireeka have really gone to town with these models. Aimed at people who take trail riding seriously, both machines are able to handle even the roughest terrain. But what do both ebikes offer to riders? While each has some features unique to it, both have certain things in common.

One common feature is the custom carbon frames which Nireeka manufacture in-house. The distinctive twisting and flowing 3D effect this gives both bikes is very impressive. Both the Sierra and Nyx lose the floating tail of earlier machines and replace it with a robust seat tube design. This also sees the seat mounting point dropped, which allows for a standover height more suited to trail biking.

In terms of motors, the firm have stuck with Bafang. The M600 motor is found in both machines, which gives a nice 120 Nm torque figure for off-road riding. Depending how you set each bike up, you can get up to 500 watts of pure power too. When you also factor in a heavy duty air/coil fork with 150mm of travel, 720mm handlebar design, a Shimano XT BR-M8100 brake arrangement and puncture-resistant tires from Schwalbe, both bikes look tempting.

How do the Sierra and Nyx differ?

This is the key question people will want answering when choosing between the two. It basically comes down to the Nyx offering a higher spec than the Sierra. This does cost more though and the Sierra still looks to be a great bike, even though it is a lower spec than its brother.

The Sierra is priced at $3,999 and has a 500-watt battery from Samsung for example. This gives a range of about 55 miles while the sports saddle included means you should get there in comfort. This model comes with a Diore 11 gear set from Shimano and Nireeka’s custom pedals.

If you buy the higher spec Nyx for $4,999 though, you get upgraded features. There is red flash detailing on the paintwork for example for a sportier feel and a bigger 840 Wh Samsung battery. This model also gets a Rockshox Reverb Stealth seat post for serious trail riding and a remote control. Gears are upgraded to Shimano’s impressive XT set, which gives 12 speeds to select from. The lighter components in the Nyx also see it weigh less – coming in at 20.4kg compared to the Sierra’s 21kg.

Sierra and Nyx can be pre-ordered now

Both new enduro ebikes from Nireeka are set to ship in March 2021 – but can be pre-ordered now. With so many features to impress serious riders on each and a competitive price point, they may well become very popular in the biking world.


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