Panasonic’s brand new LUMIX G100 mirrorless camera offering is set to take the vlogging and creative video industry by storm. Its compact, ultra-lightweight body eliminates the requirement for carrying around bulky lenses without compromising on performance. Clear imagery and professional video and sound can now be created without lugging around a huge camera.

LUMIX G100 For Vloggers

Vloggers will love the Full HD and 4K high-resolution video options. A selfie mode allows rotation of the monitor, capturing the vlogger and background with ease. Couple this with a Frame Marker to optimise composition for various social media ratio requirements and you have a dream vlogging camera.

Capture special effects on the LUMIX G100 including slow motion, quick motion and time lapse. A smartphone can even be used as a handy remote control. Animation and stop motion features are also available. Add in professional quality sound recording using an integrated OZO Audio sound system by Nokia to ensure videos grab the attention for all the right reasons. The finished video can be sent swiftly to a phone via Bluetooth or WiFi for instant social media sharing.

Image capture on the LUMIX G100

Whilst Vloggers and videographers are the target market for the LUMIX G100, Panasonic haven’t forgotten photographers. Its 20.3 megapixel MOS sensor and ensures fantastic image quality. A large MFT sensor offers the opportunity to generate blurred backgrounds for a polished image finish. Even in low light or at night, clear shots are a given from this lightweight camera. At only 412g including a 12-32 millimetre lens kit, the G100 is both compact and light. For ease of use, a tripod grip can be added. The mirrorless camera charges via USB to allow users to power up wherever they are.

An additional bonus of the G100 is its ability to become a webcam. Premium sound, excellent image quality and HDMI4 video output make livestreaming simple and effective.

How to get hold of a LUMIX G100

This new mirrorless offering from Panasonic will hit the shelves at the end of July 2020, priced at £589.99 for the camera, £679.99 for the camera with lens kit and £719.99 for the camera, tripod grip and lens kit.


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