Panasonic is the UK’s leading manufacturer of electrical goods for the home. They have recently unveiled their brand new 4 in 1 combi-steam oven – and what a product it is! If you want an oven that enables delicious, healthy meals to be prepared at home quickly, this is it. Bringing together a microwave, steam cooking tech, a grill and combi oven cooking in one place, it is sure to be a hit.

What does the Panasonic 4 in 1 combi steam oven offer?

This versatile, compact oven is perfect for everyone. From making hectic family meals easier to cooking in a healthier way, it does it all. One thing is for sure – you will love the way this free-standing oven makes preparing fresh meals fast and fun. But what features does this powerful, stylish oven come with?

  • Combination oven which puts steaming, grilling, microwaving and a convection oven at your command. This enables you to prepare a wide range of healthy meals without the need for multiple pans and additional equipment.
  • Powerful steam tech in the combi oven efficiently cooks food in a healthier way. All the flavour and goodness is kept inside food when you steam it for awesome tasting dishes.
  • Clever inverter tech which means the heat is distributed evenly and even allows simultaneous use of different cooking functions.
  • Next-gen sensor technology which eliminates any guesswork in terms of cooking times
  • 36 innovative automatic cooking programmes which allow simple, fast meal prep with no fuss
  • Simple to clean and care for

Bigger, better design

Panasonic has also gone to town on the design of this new free-standing oven. As well as a large 800ml water tank for steaming, the boiler size has grown by 20% as well. This allows simultaneous steaming or cooking of meals over 2 levels.

While there may seem a lot of features to get to grips with, the easy to use controls make it a cinch for cooks of all experience levels. If you want to really make prepping healthy, quick dishes fuss-free, you can even use the 12 pre-set combi menus to help. When you add in the stylish looks and easy to read white LCD display, this 4 in 1 combi-steam oven from Panasonic is a real winner. Whether you are putting together a family meal or prepping a healthy solo dish, it is the perfect product to use.

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