Sony is a company well-known for quality products and their upcoming 75th anniversary is a real chance to celebrate this. To mark the occasion, the tech giant is planning to launch a fresh limited edition version of their WH-1000XM4 headphones. The WH-1000XM4 Silent White should be seen in May 2021 and include the same cutting-edge noise-cancelling tech as the standard version. It is thought that the new Silent White colour scheme is intended to visually showcase the serenity that these noise-cancelling headphones deliver.

New WH-1000XM4 headphones from Sony look awesome

Of course, the Silent White colour scheme also gives these limited edition headphones a real sense of unique style. With only a limited number on sale across Europe from May 2021 to August 2021, you had better not hang around if you want to try them out. Many will love the pearlescent finish which the headphones come with and the sense of luxury they offer. The ultra-chic look they bring is also complemented by the all-white accessories that it comes packaged with.

Unrivalled performance to enhance music

If you love listening to music, these headphones deliver truly outstanding aural performance. We have already mentioned the noise-cancelling tech and the way it helps reduce way mid/high-frequency sounds is quite something. Much of this amazing performance also comes from the QN1 HD Noise Cancelling Processor inside plus the Bluetooth Audio Chip used. This chip reacts to noise in real-time to offer a customised listening experience. These phones also rebuild sound to compensate for digital compression and offer a much richer listening experience.

Comfort and simple, hands-free design

These limited-edition WH-1000XM4 Silent White headphones from Sony also contain some cool tech for seamless operation. There is a ‘Speak to Chat’ function for example which pauses your music when you begin talking. There is also Adaptive Sound Control which senses where you are and adjusts the sound in response to external factors. These phones are also very comfy to wear and boast a lightweight feel. The ultra-soft earpads make wearing them for extended periods no problem too.

Limited edition WH-1000XM4 set to make waves

A new release from Sony always makes headlines and these headphones are no different. With up to 30 hours of battery life and compatibility with both Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa, they have much to offer. Although not cheap at a price of around €430/£400, you can easily see them being the must-have piece of tech for Summer 2021.


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