Global tech giants Samsung are looking to raise the bar for smart robotic vacuums with their new Jet Bot AI+. As the world’s first robo vacuum with an active 3D sensor and Intel AI tech, it promises to deliver more efficient, more accurate cleaning.

The Jet Bot AI+ also enables consumers to access next-level smart cleaning but with no lowering of hygiene standards. With high-end object recognition built-in, it will move around your home in a smooth, fuss-free fashion.

Jet Bot AI+ unveiled by Samsung

This new smart robo vacuum from Samsung was officially unveiled in mid-November 2021, after first being seen at CES 2021. Showcasing Samsung’s knack for offering cutting-edge tech solutions in everyday life, it is the ideal way to make cleaning your home easier.

As a smart robo hoover, it is the perfect representation of the company’s commitment to producing a range of connected apps. Interestingly, Samsung has also included the ability to control the machine manually when desired. This involves using the Smart Things app on your mobile phone to control the vacuum and also check cleaning reports.

Jet Bot AI+ full of powerful features

As noted above, the Jet Bot AI+ comes with an active 3D sensor that works in stereo. This allows the vacuum to scan a wide area as it moves about and avoid even the hardest to detect hazards. The camera depth means that objects as small as 1cm or less can be detected!

This new unit also includes high-end Intel AI. This operates the vacuum’s Object Recognition system and enables the robot to move about more intelligently. As it moves about, the vacuum can make real-time decisions about which items (like children’s toys on the floor) to clean around or avoid altogether.

Jet Bot AI+ is out now

As well as the above features, this unit packs in a LiDAR sensor for precise cleaning path recognition and a Digital Inverter Motor for superb cleaning results. There is even a function that enables the unit to adjust the amount of suction power it uses, depending on the surface it is working on. For spotless results, this product also has a 5 layered filter system that traps up to 99.99% of dust particles. Available to purchase now, the Jet Bot AI+ is a real step forward for smart robo vacuums.


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