There is no doubt that nothing caps a day’s outdoor adventuring like a cold beer. The only problem comes when your adventure ends at a different point from where it begins. In this situation, keeping beer cold to enjoy is tricky. GSI Outdoors has come up with a handy new product to solve this issue – a portable cooler tube that can stack 2 cans of beer inside.


How does the 2 can cooler stack from GSI Outdoors work?

In simple terms, the stacking cooler tube has a vacuum-insulated, double-wall design to keep cans cold for up to 18 hours. It is key to note though that the cans must be cold when they first go in! The non-tapered construction and length of the tube make it easy to fit 2 12 oz cans inside. While this might be beer, it could also be soda, water or any other cold canned beverage. It is not all about practicality though! This new product from GSI Outdoors looks super cool and will be something you will love being seen with outdoors.

GSI Outdoor 2 can cooler stack is super-portable

Compared to lugging a heavy ice cooler about, this new product from GSI is a lot more portable. Weighing 13.4 oz and measuring just under 11 inches in height, it is very convenient to fit in any backpack. If you prefer to carry it, the handle provides a comfy way to do this.

In addition, this cooler stack comes with a lid which screws tight to avoid any mishaps when carrying it. If you like to head outdoors in the winter, it can also keep food and drink warm. The insulating nature of the design means hot coffee, hot soup or hot food can be carried around in it to enjoy later.

2 can cooler stack from GSI Outdoors

If you like the sound of this new product from GSI, the good news is that it is out now to buy. Retailing at $29.95 USD, it is the ideal gift for any backpacker. It is also a great item to pick up yourself if you enjoy heading outdoors too.


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