Panasonic are no strangers to the world of photography and they have made headlines once more with their new LUMIX BS1H camera. A full-frame box-style mirrorless unit, it combines outstanding video performance (as seen in the LUMIX S1H) with the ease of use box-style cameras deliver. With superb connectivity and mobility, it allows you to build up the LUMIX BS1H into your ideal system.


LUMIX BS1H camera – what does it include?

This new product from Panasonic is so packed full of features, it is more a case of what does it not include! A cutting-edge 24.2MP full-frame sensor, for example, delivers awesome still photos. The 24p 6K video capture specs mean it delivers stunning video footage, while other features like anamorphic 4K recording give it extra flexibility.

In addition, it is a versatile unit that can be used for gimbal shooting, drone image capture, live streaming and multi-camera shoots. Also included with the LUMIX BS1H is Dual Native ISO tech. This helps to enhance any video footage taken and makes recording top-class video footage a breeze.


High-end heat management tech

The LUMIX BS1H allows for totally unlimited video capture in any of its modes. Its innovative design sees rising temperatures offset with a cooling fan. This means you never have to worry about going outside the recommended temperature range, even when on a longer photoshoot.

This new camera from Panasonic also has superb versatility due to its wired LAN connection. There is also IP streaming with PC, simultaneous HDMI/SDI outs and Ethernet connections to enjoy. All these combine to give users a wide range of choices in how they use the camera for post-production.


LUMIX BS1H set to dazzle

Available now at RRP £2,999, this is a camera with lots to offer. When you also include simultaneous external/internal recording, RAW data video output and a weight of just 585g, you can see why it might go down a storm with photographers or videographers.


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