DJI are one of the top tech companies when it comes to drones and wowed everyone with its lightweight Mini 2 unit. This makes the newly announced Mini 3 Pro drone something which has caused ripples of excitement in the sector. With a host of new features and design touches, it looks to be a significant upgrade to the Mini 2.

But what does it bring to the table?


DJI Mini 3 Pro – what can we expect?

Although there are a lot of new features to enjoy on this new drone, it still weighs less than 250 grams. This is a good thing because it means users do not have to register it with the FAA (unless you use it with the bigger, heavier battery option).

This unit also has a Mavic Pro style gimble design which means it can be rotated 90 degrees for vertical image capture. This is not only very useful but puts it ahead of other drones on the market. Also included in the Mini 3 Pro is a larger 1/1.3 inch sensor, which is able to film 4K videos at up to 60 frames per second. There is also the ability to film HDR at 4K with rates of 30fps. With features like shooting in flat colour profile and photo capture up to 48MP, it is clear how advanced DJI’s new unit is.


Next-level obstacle avoidance

DJI’s Mini 3 Pro also has cutting-edge obstacle avoidance built-in to keep it safer when flying. Software in this unit like Point of Interest 3.0 (which orbits buildings or people in a set radius/speed) and ActiveTrack 4.0 (which makes autonomous flight easier when following subjects) really are impressive.

With DJI also releasing a new DJI RC controller in addition to their new drone, it is an exciting time for the company. Although this new unit does not ship with the DJI RC as standard, the ability it gives to control the drone without slotting a phone into it could see people prepared to pay extra for it.


DJI Mini 3 Pro + DJI RC

DJI has confirmed that the Mini 3 Pro will ship in a choice of bundles and each with its own price. If you only need the drone itself, for example, it will cost £639, but if you buy it with the brand new controller, it will set you back £859.

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