Innovative company Lava Music has made a huge attempt to reinvent the acoustic guitar with the eye-catching Me 2. The headline-grabbing news here is that the one-piece guitar body and honeycomb-reinforced soundboard are constructed from injection-moulded carbon fibre. This not only makes it lightweight and tough but also gives it a sleek, modern look. The design also enables it to operate in a wide temperature range – but without going out of tune.

What else does the Me 2 carbon fibre guitar from Lava Music offer?

Aside from the very useful features above, this cool new acoustic guitar also packs in plenty of other nice surprises. There is, for example, an L2 preamp system and an in-built Freeboost amplifier on certain models. This tech transforms the guitar into a speaker and provides portable, unplugged amplification. This guitar also comes with some great-sounding FX such as chorus, reverb and delay. A truly ground-breaking take on a classic musical instrument, it sounds awesome and has a very nice tone to it.


Compact design makes it comfy to play

One of the first things you notice about the Me 2 from Lava Music is how compact it is. A short neck marries with 18 frets on the 1.4mm thick laminate fingerboard to make it a true joy to play. Although light in weight at just 1.7kg, the carbon fibre rods which run up the guitar length give it great rigidity. Lava Music sends this guitar out from the factory loaded with slick 12-53 Elixir coated strings. These not only feel comfortable to play but also sound superb.

Easy to pick up controls

As a pure acoustic, this guitar is naturally easy to play right away. But it is also simple to use as an electro-acoustic, thanks to the intuitive controls. This includes a power/volume control on the side plus controls for the included FX. If you prefer to run the guitar through an external amp, there is a jack included for this purpose with the electro-acoustic versions of it.


Tough, portable guitar for outdoor performances

This is undoubtedly a robust and portable guitar. To help further, Lava Music has also included a new Ideal Bag 2 to carry it around safely. As a result, it is the perfect guitar for taking down the park for an open-air performance or throwing in the car for your next weekend break. Available in a range of eye-catching colours, the Me 2 is a real game-changer for guitarists. Available in 3 versions (the Freeboost at $799, the standard electro-acoustic version at $699 and an acoustic-only version at $599), it is set to hit all the right notes.


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