It goes without saying that a robust, comfortable bike helmet is essential when cycling. They not only provide protection if you crash but help you to look and feel good as you pedal along. For those who like to mix all this with next-level innovation, the new Lumos Ultra helmet will be of interest. Coming with a host of cool features which you won’t see in a standard bike helmet, it is a real game-changer for the industry.


Lumos Ultra bike helmet – what features does it contain?

To begin with, the first thing you notice about this helmet is its sleek, on-trend design. This makes it really stand out and means it is a helmet that cyclists will love to be seen out in. This is a lightweight helmet too (it tips the scales at 15.6 ounces / 442 grams), despite all the extra technology it contains.

The headline-grabbing part of this new Lumos Ultra helmet though is the LED tech included. While other helmets on the market use this type of tech already, the brand new Ultra from Lumos is a real step up. It has turn indicators and tail lights arranged in two rows of bright LED lights with Chips on Board technology. This helps make it safer to travel around by bike (especially in busy towns or cities) by letting vehicles around you know exactly where you plan to head next.


What else does the Lumos Ultra come with?

In addition to LED lighting tech to keep you safer on the roads, this helmet has large air vents to keep you cool as you ride. It also comes with an optional sun visor to prevent glare when riding. There is also IPX6 water resistance tech which can even resist high-pressure jets of water from any source. For even better safety, optional MIPS tech can be included to protect against rotational injuries to the brain.

Simple to operate

As you would expect from a modern tech device, this is simple to operate. Once paired with your iOS/Android device and the handlebar-mounted wireless controller, you just press the relevant buttons to activate the LED lights/change their settings. This includes being able to configure how the indicating lights work (as 3 fast flashes or slower individual ones for example).

It also lets you tap an L or R button on the handlebar controller to tell the corresponding LEDs on the helmet to light up and let people know which way you plan to turn. Once set up, neither your device nor smartphone is needed again – it is operated from the controller on your bike.


Lumos Ultra bike helmet

With a battery life from 4 to 10 hours and a choice of colours (white, lime or black), this is a cool helmet to stay safer with when cycling around. It is expected that the Lumos Ultra will be available to buy in Summer 2021 and cost around USD $99.95.


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