Many of us love to get out into the great outdoors to camp or hike. While this is great fun, it pays to always be careful about where you source drinking water from. This makes the latest range of water bottles developed by LifeStraw and CamelBak worthy of note. Designed to minimise the risk of water contamination, they offer a safer way to stay hydrated whilst enjoying nature.

What features do the latest CamelBak water bottles contain?

This latest line of water bottles pack 2 types of filtration technology into one receptacle, which greatly reduces the chances of toxins, bacteria and parasites getting into your drinking water. Recently launched, the standard bottles in this line come in a 20-ounce or 32-ounce size. There is also a 32-ounce stainless steel version, which is vacuum insulated, and a 2-litre bladder version.

But how do they work? As users drink from these bottles, the water passes through an innovative hollow fibre membrane system developed by LifeStraw. This system catches 99.99% of bacteria before the water then passes through an ion exchange filter. This filter collects things like chlorine, lead or other chemicals that could affect water taste/colour. Finally, the water comes out of CamelBak’s Eddy+Straw spill-free cap. The end result is a safe and great tasting stream of water whenever you need it.

What else do these bottles deliver?

For those who care about the planet, you will be glad to hear that the standard bottles are made from 50% recycled material. They are also free from BPS, BPF and BPA to make them even safer to use. The stainless steel version is said to keep water cold for up to 30 hours, according to the manufacturer.

New CamelBak bottles with LifeStraw filtration tech

Available now, the 20-ounce standard bottle is priced at $45 US dollars, while the standard 32-ounce version costs $50 US dollars. The insulated stainless steel bottle is priced at $70 US dollars, with the 2-litre bladder is $69 US dollars. As innovations in outdoor survival kit go, these bottles are sure to make a splash.


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