If past year has taught us one thing, it is the importance of hygiene in busy customer-facing environments. For most of 2020, the burden of extra cleaning has fallen on human cleaners and floor staff. Thanks to LG, this could all be about to change.

During the upcoming digital edition of the CES show in January, LG will reveal its innovative solution for cleaning public spaces. The company has designed an autonomous robot that can disinfect the areas that experience the highest customer footfall.

LG has a lot of experience in both autonomous vehicles and robotics, so it’s no surprise that the company has built a highly effective machine. The robot uses Ultraviolet C light to traverse complex environments without the need for human involvement. It is able to disinfect an entire room in 15-30 minutes while navigating its way around tables, chairs and other obstacles.

The robot is designed for maximum ease of use, allowing existing staff to operate it without specialised training. Its long-lasting battery allows for multiple cleans on a single charge, and staff can follow its progress remotely via smartphones or tablets.

Safety is also a priority for LG, and this can be seen clearly in the robot’s design. It comes with a built-in safety lock which is activated by a motion sensor. If an employee gets too close to the robot, it will automatically shut down, reducing the employee’s risk of harmful UV exposure. The robot also comes with an emergency stop button and can be shut down using the accompanying mobile app.

LG plans to make the robot available for retail, hospitality, education and corporate businesses across the United States from early 2021. Roh Kyu-chan, head of LG’s Robot Business Division, hopes that the robot can offer some reassurance in these uncertain times:

This autonomous UV robot comes at a time when hygiene is of the highest priority for hotel guests, students and restaurant customers. Consumers can have the peace of mind that the LG UV robot will help reduce their exposure to potentially harmful germs.

source: homeappliancesworld.com

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