One of the big names for home-based tech gadgets is Dyson. While they have branched out into things like hairdryers and fans over time, it is still Dyson vacuum cleaners which are the star of their range. This makes the release of their latest cordless vacuum headline grabbing news. Called the ‘Dyson V15 Detect’, it not only comes with the awesome suction power you expect but some pretty cool extra features too. Labelled as Dyson’s most intelligent and high-performance vacuum, it is sure to be a real hit.

Laser tech helps Dyson V15 Detect stand out

This UK company are well known for always being on the cutting-edge when it comes to forward-thinking innovation. The V15 Detect is no exception and comes with next-gen laser technology. This laser lights up dustier surfaces as you clean and thus helps you to get better results. It is key to note that Dyson say their system goes far beyond other vacuums which already use LED lights. This is because the company say the V15 laser tech reveals tinier dust particles which are tougher to spot. This extra functionality is achieved by raising the included diode laser 7.3mm off the floor and angling it at 1.5 degrees.

V15 Detect categorises the dust it collects

The bells and whistles do not end there though! The V15 also has a built-in acoustic piezo sensor to analyse the dust particles it collects. This sensor monitors vibrations made by particles of dust 15,000 times a second when they enter the cleaner head. The vibrations measured are then turned into electronic signals and sorted by size. The final data on the type of dust collected is then shown to users on the vacuum’s LCD display screen.

Dyson V15 Detect is a step forward for home cleaning

As if the above was not enough, this latest Dyson vacuum also automatically adapts suction levels to take into account how much dust is along its route. A larger consolidation of dust particles sensed will see the vacuum change to high power mode for example. While the new Dyson is not cheap at $700, it is full of the latest tech to make vacuuming your home a much more efficient, enjoyable experience.


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