iRobot has recently announced plans to launch a brand new version of its Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner. Along with some fresh features, it promises to make robotic cleaning in the home more reliable and efficient. Called the Roomba j7+, it will be the only robo vacuum cleaner to contain the iRobot Genius 3.0 operating system.


iRobot Roomba j7+ set to make waves

Although previous models from iRobot have built real-time maps to work from, the j7+ goes further. This latest model will label rooms automatically for better cleaning and automatically add keep out zones. The j7+ will also include continuous learning tech, which allows the robo vacuum to perform more efficiently over time.

What else does this new robo cleaner offer?

the floor and improved object recognition help with this. iRobot has even included a Pet Owner Official Promise to back this claim up! This sees any Roomba j7+ which does not swerve solid pet waste replaced by the company.


There is also improved obstacle avoidance to consider. This sees the Roomba j7+ able to detect and avoid things like cables and charging docks. A nice touch is that the vacuum will take a photo of the obstacle and notify you about it. This enables you to tidy it away and send the vacuum back to clean the area again. Dirt detect sensors also allow the j7+ to focus on which areas in your home need cleaning the most.


Clean base tech also included

Cool thing here is that the vacuum automatically empties the dirt it collects into this Clean Base unit for extra convenience. The control panel has also been simplified, with just one button needed to manage how the vacuum performs.

Any additional controls that cannot be accessed from this button are dealt with via the iRobot app. This makes telling the unit to clean when you leave home and stop when you come back simple. An integrated smart speaker means using voice commands to operate the unit is simple too.


Roomba j7+ from iRobot available now

This new robotic vacuum cleaner is available to order right now and costs around £899,99.


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