Xiaomi has recently launched its brand-new 3HP vertical air conditioner, which is the first 3HP air conditioner designed with laminar soft wind technology to revolutionise indoor cooling. This innovative new tech provides homes with efficient cooling while preventing strong airflow, ensuring that your home is cooled evenly and remains comfortable at all times, no matter where you are in the room.

Controlled airflow

Xiaomi’s new air conditioner is recommended for rooms under 20 square metres, such as study rooms and bedrooms. The brand’s new range of air conditioners are all designed with a soft ‘leaf’ feature to ensure that the temperature is distributed evenly. The soft air micropores and blades create a laminar soft air system, which can break up the strong airflow of traditional air conditioners to create a soft breeze so that users facing the machine don’t get hit by a strong cold draught. This smooth air supply and improved air path ensure that the machine performs optimally without generating too much noise so that you can experience powerful cooling without disturbing the peaceful environment in your home.

Energy efficiency

With this new design, the air supply range is widened and the temperature in the space is more consistent, creating a natural cooling effect. The new air conditioner has a full DC inverter compressor with both external and internal DC fans and enables full throttle control using electronic expansion valves, making the system more energy-efficient and reliable. The compressor can also control the temperature accurately during rapid heating and cooling, ensuring that the user remains comfortable throughout.

Xiaomi’s new invention meets all of the latest standards in energy efficiency. In China, the first-class energy efficiency standard for devices is 4.5, and the 3HP vertical air conditioner sits at an impressive APF of 5.13.

Currently, the device is on pre-sale and will cost 5999 yuan (approximately £666) plus a deposit of 100 yuan (approximately £11).

source: www.gizchina.com

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