Just launched is the superb Canon PowerShot ZOOM. Dinky and lightweight, it’s a pocket-sized camera that fits neatly into the palm of your hand. This is an intuitive and clever little device that has some very smart features, including a simple menu making it a doddle to use. It’s an ideal camera for everyone, but because of its really smart technology, it makes it perfect for the advanced photo enthusiast too. Forget having to lug heavy equipment about any more, because the Canon PowerShot ZOOM has arrived!


Sporting an easy to use 3 step zoom, it provides optical and digital magnification that can impressively reach 100mm and 400mm optical focal lengths. This means it can capture and focus on distant objects with relative ease.

It weighs a mere 145g, but has an outstanding zoom capability for its size.

There are five easy to reach accessible buttons, which means you can have full control of the camera using only one hand.

As it has full auto control of stills and MP4 movies in HD 1080p, it will swap camera settings with ease.

It packs a punch for its size with a built-in, powerful DIGIC 8 processor that produces colourful and very sharp images.

The 12-megapixel sensor, produces a very fast readout and high resolution.

It has continuous autofocus for face tracking and 1-point AF options are also available.

It can reach a full charge in under 2 hours so it has a very generous battery life.


You can easily capture and create special memories, whilst on the go with this ultra-lightweight and powerful little camera. The Canon PowerShot ZOOM lets you browse, import, and geo-tag using Wi-Fi that is supported by Bluetooth® direct to your smartphone.

This provides you with the ability to instantly share your photo experiences with family, friends or work colleagues. By downloading the Canon Camera Connect app you can enable Live View shooting for stills. This is a fantastic feature, that allows you to share what you see, and what you are taking a picture of, in real time!

source: canon.co.uk

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