Looking for a revolution in sound quality? Enter: AirPods Max. These are not simply headphones. They’re a statement. A stand for excellence, for design integrity. A vote for beauty, for the power of music. With AirPods Max, life is a symphony. Say no more to tinny, low quality, distorted audio and embrace immersive, cinematic sound. In choosing Air Pod Max you’re opting for the maximum, the premium of what sound technology can currently offer. Maximum intensity. Maximum style. Maximum quality.

With its cutting-edge fusion of high fidelity audio and Active Noise Cancellation, the nuances of music become clear, every note activated and conveyed with clarity. AirPods Max headphones bring bass that shakes your soul, and highs that send your heart soaring. Thanks to their pioneering design, external sounds are banished, and your listening experience is tailored to you.

With six microphones, both inward and outward-facing, AirPods Max integrate your external environment with their own technology, helping you to hear and to be heard in any environment, even in high winds. The result? Music as it was meant to be listened to, gifting you an unparalleled experience in auditory quality.

At the forefront as industry leaders in sound excellence, Apple-designed technology translates as giving you the best-of-the-best that sound can offer. Distortion is a thing of the past, even at high volumes with the AirPods Max’s dual-neodymium ring magnet motor. Modelled on top quality speakers of a much larger size, this is huge technology compressed into compact, portable and stylish headphones that can be carried anywhere. You can embrace the highest sound quality, and with AirPods Max, live your life at full volume.

AirPods Max also offer complex integrated technology designed to simplify your life. They will connect within seconds to iPhones, iPads or Macs and with over 20 hours of use with each charge, they are designed to keep going as long as you do. With a streamlined charging case included, AirPods Max showcase the sleekest design available on the market today.

Customisation and engraving services are also available, ensuring your headphones are as unique as you are. Style and comfort work in harmony due to Apple’s carefully created, acoustically engineered memory foam. The ear cushions offer not only the incredible sound quality synonymous with Apple technology but also provide a level of comfort that means these headphones are totally non-intrusive. They allow you to concentrate on what’s important – the music.

The AirPods Max headphones are at the forefront of maximum audio quality and intelligent design, and will transport you to a world where only music matters, lifting you to an elevated standard of sound quality that’s higher than ever before.

source: apple.com/uk

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