HUAWEI has released their latest fitness tracker – the Watch Fit, an affordable fitness watch with 96 different workout modes. Priced at AED399 (around £80), the fitness tracker sits between the realms of basic activity tracker and high-tech running watch, making it an affordable choice for beginners who don’t want to be confined to one sport.

The display

The first thing you’ll notice is the HUAWEI Watch Fit’s sleek and stylish design. Almost like a cheaper Apple Watch, the face has a metal frame and 2.5D curved glass. There’s a 1.64-inch colour display, which can be customised to the wearer’s specifications and at 10.7mm thick and weighing 21g without the strap, the watch is lightweight and slim against the wrist.

Unlike competitors, you can’t swap the watch straps on the Watch Fit, however, it is available in several colourways. The display itself is bright and responsive – users can swipe through calories burnt, steps taken, weather and sleep stats, which can be positioned in order most relevant to them.

The key features and fitness tracking

When it comes to the watch’s key selling points, there are plenty on offer. As well as its ability to track just about everything, its 96 different workout modes include running, cycling and swimming, as well as more unique options such as belly dancing and dart-throwing. There are also 12 in-built animated quick-workouts to give users quick fitness inspiration.

The watch has built-in GPS for accurate activity tracking and heart rate sensors for real-time training metrics. The watch can detect the start of a workout and will remind its wearer to start tracking and after finishing an activity, additional data can be found in the HUAWEI Health App.

The watch records daily steps, active hours and medium to high-intensity activities and displays them in three colourful circles to motivate users. Users can also track their menstrual cycles, their blood oxygen saturation, their sleep and stress levels on the smartwatch, as well as receiving messages, calls and social media notifications on the go.


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