Times are changing, and Harley knows it. Jumping on the latest trend and following on from their first electric motorcycle, The Livewire, Harley Davison has officially entered the e-bike market through a brand-new company – Serial 1. If that wasn’t enough, the company has even been named abut Harley’s oldest and most nostalgic motorcycle.

A project from their Product Development Centre was passionate about creating a new e-bike, but this time, one that would be worthy enough to hold the Harley-Davidson name.

If we can assume anything by looking at its namesake, it’s that Serial 1 is expecting to lead performance in the e-bike world with their newest addition to the growing market.

According to Serial 1’s Aaron Frank, “When Harley-Davidson first put power to two wheels in 1903, it changed how the world moved.” He continued, “Inspired by the entrepreneurial vision of Harley-Davidson founders, we hope to once again change how cyclists and the cycling-curious move around their world with a Serial 1eBicycle.”

This new vision has been designed as a tribute to Harley’s first motorcycle, with a nickname of ‘Serial Number One.’ The Serial 1 Company has already released some exciting prototype images, despite offering minimal information aside from this. However, we must admit that the prototype images do show an obvious resemblance to one of the concept e-bikes that was demonstrated by Harley at EICMA.

So far, all the information we have is that can be visually observed from the prototype images. This includes chunky tyres, disc braking, a belt drive and a mid-mounted motor. We can also see integrated lighting and a Brooks saddle. As far as we can see, the batter is located within the welded metal frame, which is boasting a glossy and sleek paint job. From a company holding high expectations, we would expect nothing less.

We can assume that Serial 1’s e-bikes will allow further and faster rides with minimal effort from the cyclist, offering an ideal solution for those wanting to cycle recreationally, or for a commute.

We’re already counting down to mid-November, where we are expecting to see an unveiling of a full line of new and impressive e-bikes. Presumably, the bikes will be available from retailers in Spring 2021.

source: serial1.com

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