Nanoleaf, the name synonymous with cool illuminated adhesive wall panels, has launched a stunning new concept – Nanoleaf Elements.

The key tenet of Nanoleaf elements is that they look as gorgeous on as they do off, courtesy of the wood-like veneer. This material has the same stunning light permeability as other Nanoleaf products, with the added benefit of looking just as beautiful when they’re switched off.


Functionality is similar to other Nanoleaf products. The panels glow from both front and back, creating a funky double lighting effect, and the lights can be programmed to offer various patterns and effects. In keeping with the natural feel that Nanoleaf Elements seek to deliver, the colour spectrum is pared back to range between warm and cool lighting effects.

You’ll find 11 presets already included, plus the Nanoleaf app gives scope to develop your own program. You can sync the lighting to music, or choose to adapt throughout the day to meet the needs of your circadian rhythm.


With this product, Nanoleaf is ramping up its appeal to the domestic market. Wood veneer and natural lighting mean the panels are at home in any room, and they are an effective way to create a mood and enhance an ambience. They’re also likely to have appeal to low-key commercial establishments, rather than the traditional Nanoleaf club and bar outlets.

Price-wise, Nanoleaf elements are pitched at a point that will appeal to the domestic market too, with an entry price of £299.99 for the Elements Smarter Kit that comprises seven panels, for you to arrange as you please, and if you decide you need a bit more Nano in your life, you can buy add-on packs of three panels for £99.99.


You can buy Nanoleaf Elements direct from Nanoleaf as of June 3rd, and from other outlets later in the month.


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