Strapping on the trusty acoustic and strumming out some tunes to brush away the Covid blues is surely a go-to pastime for many a six-stringer struggling their way through the pandemic. Home recording and live broadcasting continues to be popular, whether its players sharing reaction videos or just showing off their chops.

Always a step ahead of the game, French sound design pioneer HyVibe has just announced a handy bit of kit that will turn any acoustic guitar into a hybrid smart guitar – perfect if you’re not in a position to amp up your electric.

The latest announcement comes from the game-changing company that introduced the HyVibe Guitar back in 2017. The HyVibe ingeniously melded the company’s high-tech audio electric prowess with the timeless shape and sound of an acoustic instrument, crafted by their buddies at Lag Guitars.

The HyVibe was a hit, but especially these days, not every player can afford to splash out on a new instrument to enjoy the benefits. Realising this, the company has made elements of the set-up available as a special kit that can be installed into any acoustic guitar by the correct specialist – the HyVibe System.

But how does it work? Well, the System comprises a piezo sensor, high-speed processor unit and a pair of actuators. After it’s been installed, the sensor measures the string vibrations and routes the signal to the processor. The two actuators are mounted internally and excite the guitar. Then the vibrations are measured once more and the reading is then sent back to the processor. It’s battery-driven and all done in microseconds, so there’s no need to hook up to an external amp and playing along to backing tracks is easy too.

The HyVibe System kit is priced at US$390 and is available now.


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