BenQ are well known for delivering innovative tech products to market. If you are a keen gamer, then recent news from the Taiwanese technology giant is sure to be of interest. The company has announced the launch of their new TK700STi 4k HDR projector which is perfect for playing video games on. According to BenQ, it is the first projector of its kind to deliver just 16ms of lag. This makes it very useful for those who enjoy fast-paced video games (such as sports titles) where lag impacts on gameplay.

What specs does the TK700STi 4K projector from BenQ offer?

This new product comes loaded with some pretty impressive features. There is a short-throw design and the ability to handle image sizes in proper 4K resolution at up to 120 inches. It also makes getting access to streaming content easy, thanks to the incorporated Android TV. Gamers will be excited to hear that dual 2.0 HDMI connectivity allows it to be used with Nintendo Switch, PS5 or Xbox Series X machines.

What else does BenQ’s new projector pack in?

Not content with the above features, this fresh 4K HDR projector has more up its sleeve. There are USB-A and VGA ports for enhanced connectivity plus a 3.5mm audio jack for headphone connections. This product also has Kensington Lock support and 2 IR receivers. The TK700STi also comes with 3000 lumens brightness, a 240 watt light source and over 1 billion colours. Alongside a 10,000:1 ratio for contrast and a 16:9 native aspect ratio, it delivers clear, precise and sharp images.

4,000 hours of use

You might worry that such a high-performance projector might need the lamp changing often. This is not the case though and it should actually last for around 4,000 hours on normal mode before it needs replacing. If you opt for SmartEco mode it gets even better and should last for around 8,000 hours! To really get the most from the lamp in this projector, full Eco mode should see it give a cool 10,000 hours of use.

BenQ TK700STi 4K HDR projector available now

When you also factor in the 1.2x zoom, a maximum image size of 300 inches and various games modes including RPG, FPS and SPG, it is a product clearly aimed at avid gamers. It is not solely limited to gaming though. When you fancy a change, other modes such as sports, living room or cinema can be selected. Available now at $1,699 USD, it is a projector with much to offer.


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