Pretty much everyone enjoys the feel of freshly washed bedsheets – but not many like the work involved in getting them ready. Although we should ideally wash our sheets every week, busy modern life makes this unlikely for most people. To solve this issue, innovative Danish company Nordifakt have created self-cleaning bedding. Their Christianhavn range contains advanced tech which kills 99.9% of bacteria and keeps bedsheets fresher for longer between washes.

Nordifakt self-cleaning bedding is the answer

There is no doubt that stripping your bed, loading up your washer and then getting everything dry in time to make up the bed again is a real hassle. This sees most people wash their sheets far less than they should. But why is this a problem? If you do not wash traditionally manufactured bedsheets regularly, then odours and bacteria can build up.

According to Nordifakt for example, the average pillowcase can have 17,000 times the amount of bacteria than a toilet seat – after just 1 week. Regular washing in hot water is the usual way to keep bedding healthy but research has shown that most only wash their sheets once every month. Single men have been found to do it only a handful of times per year! The Christianhavn bedding range from Nordifakt helps to solve this problem. By containing features which help bedding stay fresher for longer, it means washing can be put off but without any negative effects.

How does it work?

But what tech is in this self-cleaning bedding which means it requires less washing? The main secret is a sustainable fabric treatment made from silver, called Polygiene®. This works to kill off microbes, germs and bacteria – thus keeping sheets in top shape for longer between washes. Not only does this treatment last for the entire life cycle of the bedding but it is only used on the surface of the sheets. This means it does not pose any threat to your health while using it.

Better for the planet

It is not just convenience and healthier sheets which this new range of bedding offers. Due to the reduced need for washing it comes with, it can help protect the environment. Nordifakt have released figures which claim you could save an average of 1,800 litres of water each year for example. As these sheets are fine to wash in cold water too, you will save on how much electricity you use per year.

Next-gen bedsheets from Nordifakt

On top of all the innovative features and benefits shown above, this bedding is also super comfy and looks great. It is made from 100% organic cotton while also holding OEKO-TEX® certification. The sheets themselves come in a decent choice of colours and sizes, so you can easily find the right one for your home. With so much going for them, the Christianhavn range of self-cleaning bedding from Nordifakt should be a resounding success.


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