During a time when home entertainment has perhaps never been so important, or in high demand, Epson has announced the launch of three new EpiqVision streaming projectors, two of which are complete with high-quality Yamaha audio. The projectors are available in an ultra-short-throw model or two mini models.

Senior product manager for Epson, Rodrigo Atalan, announced the launch of the highly anticipated projectors, explaining “with Epson EpiqVision we are bringing streaming directly to our projectors…with the EF12 and LS300 users can stream big, bright, beautiful content straight out of the box.”

The Ultra LS300 is able to project 120-diagonal-inch projections an impressive 15.2 inches away from a flat surface. As you would expect from an ultra-short-throw projector, the Ultra LS300 has a bright white light output of 3,600 lumens and dynamic contrast of 1,500,00:1.

As the projector is designed to make streaming easier and more straight forward, it has built-in wireless technology and is compatible with the latest Android digital platforms for content streaming, such as Disney+, Hulu and HBO. Operating the projector is simple as it has a built-in Chromecast which can be operated via an iPhone or tablet. Should you choose to project from your laptop or desktop computer, the projector is complete with two HDMI ports.

The Ultra LS300 has a unique Yamaha-tuned audiophile sound which combines two high-performance Yamaha drivers with a woofer. Aside from streaming high-quality video, the projector can be connected with a music source or music streaming service via Bluetooth and can act as a wireless speaker.

Compared to the Ultra LS300, both of the mini models are able to project 150-inch images, providing they are 88-inches away from a wall. The EF12 projector has wireless connectivity and Chromecast built-in, plus benefits from a Yamaha sound system, like the Ultra LS300. Comparatively, the EF11 does not have a Yamaha sound system but does have a high-frequency speaker, a bass-reflex speaker and an HDMI port.

The Ultra LS300 model has an RRP of around £1,549.44 ($1,999.99), whereas the EF12 and EF11 cost £549.44 ($999.99) and £620.00 ($799.99) respectively.

source: epson.com

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