DJI are one of the most respected names in drone manufacture. The launch of their ‘Mavic Mini’ drone in 2019 certainly cemented their status in the sector. This compact quadcopter came with a stunning array of features, which outperformed its reduced dimensions. Recent news from DJI has seen them give the lightweight ‘Mavic Mini’ a revamp and arm it with even more functionality to impress the public. The new drone is called the ‘Mini 2’ and is sure to impress users who give it a whirl.

‘Mini 2’ from DJI – what has changed?

At the time of launch, the original ‘Mavic Mini’ drone came with 2.7k video at 30 frames per second and a half-hour fly time. In addition, it was billed as the company’s lightest and tiniest drone. So, what has changed with this latest model?

Perhaps the biggest news is around the video functionality of the ‘Mini 2’, which has been boosted to 4K at 30 frames per second. Naturally, this should give a much clearer definition to any images recorded. The ‘Mini 2’ from DJI also has a 31-minute flight time for users to enjoy. While not a huge leap, it is an improvement nonetheless.

Flight range is given a big boost

Where this latest mini drone comes into its own though is the flight distance it includes. The Chinese firm’s OcuSync 2.0 tech gives a range of up to 6.2 miles (10km) due to the dual-frequency transmission model it uses. This is a big step forward – it is actually a 150% increase on the original ‘Mavic Mini’ flight range! This will be very useful to pilots in many sectors who need a higher range of flight.

What else does the ‘Mini 2’ pack in?

Still images on this new model are taken at 12 megapixels and can be saved as either JPEG or RAW files. DJI have also flagged up improvements to speed and acceleration in the ‘Mini 2’. The company have also noted that this new drone will be able to handle winds of up to 24 miles per hour (38 km/h), due to more robust motors. When this drone is airborne, the live feed is sent directly to the pilot’s smartphone for total clarity. The pilot can also use pre-set flight patterns which take videos and photos automatically.

‘Mini 2’ is a great development from DJI

The original ‘Mavic Mini’ was a definite breakthrough for compact drone technology. This updated ‘Mini 2’ model takes this and runs with it, to great effect. Not only does it retain the superb lightweight design and value for money of its predecessor, but it also packs in a load of cool new features to enjoy as well.


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