Nothing inspires confidence in your tools like military-level design. That’s why, as part of their ‘Forged by War’ series, the Colombia River Knife and Tool company innovate and create products with military specialists from across the US. For the Septimo Multi-Tool, they’ve tapped the experience of decorated ex-Special Forces Green Beret, Jeremy Valdez.

This project isn’t just an endorsement deal—it’s a collaboration built on the back of Afghanistan veteran Valdez’ 16 years of field experience, informed in particular by his experiences saving himself and his fellow soldiers from the fire and debris of a particularly horrific helicopter crash in 2009, all whilst carrying on an insufficiently capable tool.

The introduction of these stories into the design of CRKT’s tools gives them a distinctly honest edge over the competition’s output. These aren’t tools designed through experience imagined, these are designed by experience lived.

The influence of Valdez’ time served in the US military are found all over the tool, from the addition of CRKT’s unique cord-cutting Veff serration on the main 3.6-inch quick fold locking blade to the glass breaker tip that sits on the end of the low profile adjustable wrench.

The tool does retain more traditional features. Lock the main blade away and you have a changeable screwdriver with Phillips and flathead bits that sit securely into the holder. Just below that sits one of the more unique, and if we’re honest, most useful tools in your EDC kit—a bottle opener.

The tools dimensions further solidify its status as a champion of your everyday carry kit. It weighs in at only 133 grams, is only 4.6 inches long (with blade folded) and is slim enough for a comfortable and unobtrusive pocket carry.

This is a tool on which nothing is left to chance. It’s the product of one man’s genuine lived experience on the battlefield combined with CRKT’s in-depth knowledge of exactly what an everyday carry multi-tool needs to do, a coming together of ideas that has created a product with a range and versatility that will keep you confident in whatever situation life throws at you.


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