Canon Europe recently unveiled two fresh imaging solutions targeted at the production and broadcast sectors. These are the powerful, compact XF605 4K camcorder and 8K BCTV KAS S 10X16 zoom lens. The XF605 is part of the famed XF series of camcorders, while both products offer the ability to capture top-quality images in any environment.

Canon XF605 – unrivalled 4K shooting performance

The features included in the XF605 enables it to give true 4K 10-bit image capture, along with a high 120p frame rate in small form. In addition, it is driven by a 1.0 TYPE CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV 7 processing tech. The XF605 also comes with multiple custom picture choices (such as Look Files users create and Canon Log3) for greater flexibility in the field or in production afterwards. All this combines to give truly professional results and sharp images.


Stable images in a portable camcorder

The new XF605 from Canon contains a 5 Axis stabilisation network. This makes for super-smooth image capture, even when shooting in a dynamic fashion. A high-magnification L-series lens offers a 15x optical zoom in 4K and 30x advanced zoom in FHD for recording far-off pictures. Canon’s accurate Dual Pixel Auto Focus tech is also present for superb functionality when tracking shots. Selecting which images to focus on is simple, due to the camcorder’s Direct Touch user interface.

The XF605 is also comfortable to hold, lightweight and very portable. Weighing around 2kg, it really does take the strain out of shooting on the move. Created with solo operators in mind, it is easy to use and even comes with dual SD card slots/numerous recording options.

8K BCTV KAS S 10X16 zoom lens


The other new image solution launched by Canon Europe recently is the 8K 10×16 KAS S zoom lens. This comes loaded with the best optical technology and caters to the demand in sports/documentaries for 8K high-resolution images. The 10×16 KAS S is made from top-quality elements, like fluorite, which reduces harmful effects in terms of image capture. Recording the best images is enhanced by the 10x optical zoom feature and the constant f/2.8 aperture.

New products from Canon Europe set to impress


For those who need professional results and top-class image capture, both the new 4K XF605 camcorder and 8K 10×16 KAS S zoom lens from Canon is worth considering. The XF605 is available for around £3,599, while the cost of the KAS S lens is available on request from Canon.


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