Two of the leading lights in eco-friendly motoring are Polestar and CAKE. Polestar will be familiar to many as the Swedish premium electric car brand connected with Volvo, while CAKE is also based in Sweden and has previously been known for producing high-quality electric bikes. Recent news has seen the two companies team up and collaborate on a limited edition of CAKE’s Makka electric compact bike.


Makka limited edition bike seen at IAA in 2021

The Makka – Polestar edition from CAKE was first seen at the IAA event in Munich in 2021. It is based on CAKE’s latest Makka electric bike and has the same contemporary design and cool features. This collaboration, however, also packs in some unique upgrades and exciting tweaks, which has allowed the two brands to quicken the shift to more sustainable mobility and align their values.


What extra does the Makka – Polestar edition from CAKE offer?

This lightweight limited-edition electric bike really comes into its own when used with the Polestar 2 electric car. The included rear tow bar mounting, for example, means transporting it is simple, as is charging it directly from the car while driving. This is a truly versatile bike that works perfectly as a commuter bike and an off-road bike and is ideal for getting around in urban areas quickly.

This new edition also has some bespoke styling updates to enjoy. There is a slim LED headlight and a Polestar snow matte cover for the battery/frame, while an Ohlins damper sits at the rear with extra black detailing. 100% electric powertrains from CAKE are also present, while Polestar has added some minimalist design flourishes as well.


Makka – Polestar limited edition from CAKE coming soon

When combined with the Polestar 2 car, the new Makka – Polestar edition from CAKE offers a truly sustainable 2 and 4 wheel mobility experience. Priced at around $4,200, it is expected to launch soon in the UK and selected European markets before a broader global launch.


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